At Bare Skin Beauty, our Master Electrologist has over 20 years of experience in permanent hair removal with a tremendous amount of skill and compassion. We work on all body parts, specialize in women and men's hair removal, and are LGBT friendly.

Lash Lift

Eyelash Extensions

It is all about the "eyes"! Regretfully for most of us, nature did not provide us with those gorgeous curly lashes that we all desire. No problem though, we have a lash expert that can create what nature forgot to with an "Elleebana Lash Lift".  Give us a call if you want your natural lashes to have that incredible curl!!!

Brazilian & Waxing for Women


We provide the best waxing for both face and body. We use natural wax, sugar wax, and hard or soft waxes that will provide a smooth hairless look that allows you to "bare your body" with confidence.

Manzilian & Waxing for Men


There are so many reasons for males to get waxing from looking more attractive when wearing less to hygiene reasons. The fact is that this practice is not just for females and a hair free body looks good on both men and women so come on in guys and we'll take care of all your waxing needs!


Facials & Microdermabrasion

Using the safest and most quality products, Bare Skin Beauty offers multiple types of facials, each specially designed to leave your skin feeling refreshed, clear, toned and more youthful! You'll look and feel camera ready.



Every new month we will offer a different special for that full month. Please check this page to see if there is a special that you can take advantage of. At Bare Skin Beauty our customers are always number one and these specials are our way of thanking you for your continued business!!!