Electrolysis in San Diego

Our Master Electrologist has several years of experience in electrology. Below are some of the common frequently asked questions about Electrolysis. You may also feel free to book a 30 minute free consultation to discuss your personal permanent hair removal plan and our master electrologist can answer any question you have.

Permanent Hair Removal San Diego

What is Electrolysis?

To put it simply, Electrolysis is one of the many forms of permanent hair removal. However, Electrolysis happens to be the only form of hair removal approved by the FDA. The process is extracting the hair follicle by gently using small amounts of electricity to the base. This process then renders the growth tissue destroyed which prevents any further hair growth to the area. An added benefit is that Electrolysis can be performed on even pregnant women, since pregnancy is likely to cause unwanted hair growth due to hormonal changes. 

Why is Electrolysis better than Laser Hair Removal or other Methods?

Electrolysis is one of the only forms of permanent hair removal available in San Diego. 

On the other side, laser hair removal is not permanent. The effects last over time, but it is not permanent. The laser grazes over the area to allow the hair to regrow lighter and less visibily. Laser hair removal also comes with more side effects than Electrolysis such as blisters, swelling, inflimation, and irritation. The procedure tends to work best with fair skin individuals with dark hair. 

 Electrolysis, however, benefits every individual with all hair colors and skin types. 

Waxing, shaving, and tweezing is the most unethical approach because it causes ingrown hairs and can often times cause the hair to grow back thicker and more unmanageable. Electrolysis allows you to remove the hair safely and requires no maintenance on your part the way shaving, waxing, or tweezing would.

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What are the side effects of Electrolysis?

One of the biggest benefits of Electrolysis is the recovery time. Most symptoms disappear within the same day to a day after the procedure. The most common symptom is slight redness. Pain and swelling after the Electrlysis procedure are extremely rare. There are no permanent side effects with electrolysis!

How many sessions of Electrolysis do I need?

The amount of sessions in Electrolysis depends on the area of the hair removal and can vary from person to person. Some areas such as the back or regions with more hair may require more sessions. Common session times are biweekly or once to twice a week depending on the thickness of the hair and the amount of hair. Once all the hair has been permanently removed, you will not require any more sessions unless you'd like to treat another area.

At Bare Skin Beauty, we offer a free 30 minute Electrolysis consultation to assist you in understanding more about the amount of sessions you may need. It truly does vary by person. Electrolysis deals with hair under the skin and therefore it's difficult to completely predict the amount of sessions. But during your consultation, our  master electrologist will be able to discuss your options and preferences and give you more insight on your session count.   

What does Electrolysis feel like?

Electrolysis stings a bit when it is happening. The level of sting varies by person but even the most sensitive person can handle the session. The sting is quick, short lived, and then it's done. 

What is the Electrolysis aftercare regime?

One of the biggest tips in the aftercare of Electrolysis is not to shave, pluck, or tweeze the area at all in between treatments. 

Our master electrologist can help you figure out an aftercare regime that will help you feel absolutely beautiful and refreshed after your hair removal process.