Creating the Perfect Brow

 Why get your brows microbladed? Simple - brows can transform the face!!! Beautiful brows can make your eyes look bigger, sultrier, and more defined. Matter of fact, your whole face will look better with beautiful brows. If you prefer to go without make-up, a great microbladed brow will mean that your face will look better and more pulled-together even without a stitch of make-up on and who doesn't want that when you need to be out-the-door. If sensational make-up is what you want, a perfect set of microbladed brows will allow your make-up application process to be easier and quicker! 

Ready for the perfect brow?

Our Microblading Tech is not only talented but also a licensed nurse. She'll make sure that you will have a wonderful and safe experience along with getting a beautiful set of eyebrows that accentuate the eyes!!! If you are interested in this service, please call #(619)-303-0124 so we can personally book your service. 

What to Expect

 We use a special microblading pen to draw on individual strokes one by one. It's an extremely meticulous process that takes around two hours to complete. Since the results will last for up to three years before beginning to fade. It's good to know that our technicians pay so much attention to detail. Before the microblading begins, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anesthetic. If you're worried that the process is painful, be assured, some clients may feel a slight discomfort, but it's relatively painless.  The best part about the technique is that there is no down time. Your new set of brows will be ready for a selfie immediately after the process. Our professional techs, however, do recommend a follow-up one month after your appointment. The complete healing process is different for everyone but usually takes 25 to 30 days. After a month we recommend a 40-minute touch-up to most customers.